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Hi I'm Ian. Welcome! I do small "botik" labor jobs. check the Labor tab for details.  

For single items and smaller jobs or if you're not sure what you need, just email me directly. See the form below for required information. I'm happy to refer you to a fellow mover in my network if it's not right for me. I don't answer my phone typically. I generally have my hands full, I am inundated w spam calls, and I need a written record of details and price quotes to book you and track the job. Email only please, don't text me unless we are already booked.

Moving your home or office? 
Great news. I've partnered up with Melrose Moving to offer my clients Full Service moving at affordable upfront rates including free materials. They proudly sponsor me, for all jobs booked through my website they contribute to funding my artistic career. You get a better rate than their standard package, they get your business, I get to be free... win, win win.

Small labor jobs: 1-2 guys less than 3 hrs
  • single items 300 lbs or less
  • specialized on site labor
  • small jobs
  • uhaul/pod loading or unloading

I book/quote via email only thanks! 

Small Jobs- items less than 300lbs under 3 hours 1-2 guys
your name?
email address
cell number to contact during job?
2 guys or just you and me?
item(s) please add photos/dimensions/weight/product link
stairs or insanity - details?
assembly/disassembly needs - beds/refrigerators/consoles/tables
additional work(old fridge to the curb etc..)
Large Jobs: 2 or more guys 3 hr minimum
  • apartments
  • homes
  • office/commercial
  • packing services
Melrose Moving
Special savings rates for my clients include free wrapping material: Shrinkwrap, bubble wrap, tape, wadrobe boxes. 
in partnership with Melrose Moving CA PUC License # T-0190426

Construction/Remodels/Handyman? I have your guy. 
Ray is a dear friend of mine. He plays bass in my band. I've known him for 17 years and he is as honest as they come. I actually worked with him for a couple years as his assistant long ago and I can vouch for his work first hand.

There's always more than meets the eye. click below if you want to know more about me. I play in a sweet rock band, and I do film scores, session work, and music licensing. I shoot portraits/headshots. Plus I just started a vlog, this is going to be an interesting summer. Come along for the full experience.

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